Oxy-fuel glass production technology

? 3 # float glass production line in AVIC(Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co., Ltd. is an large tonnage and oxy-fuel combustion line. With our engineers independently learn and research, the line has successfully produced high quality Electronics and automotive glass.             
? Application of oxy-fuel technology, not only can save energy consumption to more than 15%, and no need of denitrification, NOX emissions of 1656 tons annual reduction.
? At present, the technology has been applied to 400-ton automobile glass production line design.
? The project is in line with the national energy saving development, the latter will increase domestic promotion efforts

Nano materials furnace thermal insulation technology

? The successful implementation of this technology application and promotion in  the  AVIC(Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co., Ltd. Nano-materials in the original furnace insulation secondary multilayer composite insulation
? The energy efficiency of up to 5%

Thick - ultra white - the oversized glass -CVD coated float glass production

? The AVIC(Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co., Ltd. has a combination of production technology and equipment of thick - ultra white - the oversized glass   coating line.
? Most 25 mm thick glass; production of glass plates up to 18 meters maximum; ultra-white glass light transmission rate of 91.5%.

Pollution prevention AR film photovoltaic glass

? After coating of pollution prevention AR film on photovoltaic glass surface, which not only increase transmittance 2.5%, but also reduce pollution in that solar modules manufacture and the use of the various processes, and in order to improve and maintain the greatest degree of the monochromatic incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency
? The technology can improve the module power over 5W
? To 1GW of photovoltaic power plants, for example, the annual increase in power generation 17,520,000 degrees

Waste heat power generation and integration of Low temperature desulfurization and denitrification

? Our indigenous "Flue gas waste heat power generation and integration of Low temperature desulfurization and denitrification" was successfully applied in AVIC(Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co., Ltd.
? With less investment, small footprint, low running costs

Color Glass Series

? Produce ocean blue, sapphire blue, Ford blue, dark brown, light brown, dark gray, light gray, F green, emerald green, apple green, gold, pink and other colors variety, color, bright, beautiful
? Can be adjusted according to the endothermic, UV and other requirements
? Advanced monitoring technology and scientific changing color schemes combine to achieve the efficiency of rapid color changing in three days.