Who we are

 Hainan Special Glass Engineering Research Center is rely on the AVIC(Hainan) special glass materials Co., Ltd. and Hainan university units, which is the China’s first glass sector of engineering and technology research center formed in November 2011.This Center brought together by Dr. Jiang Hong who is the leader and by a group of National Science and Technology Progress Award winner for academic leaders from 88-member R & D team,which is consist of Professors, professors Engineering of 9, associate professor, senior engineers of 28, senior technicians of 3, engineers, economists, and other mid-level professional and technical personnel of 25. Currently center has 2400 square meters of office and laboratory, more than 33 million yuan of experimental equipment.

Since the Special Glass Engineering Research Center established, it has undertaken the National Technology Support Program, Hainan major science and technology projects and other national and provincial technological innovation projects with more than 10 topics, the supported of government approved funds are more than 5000 million.It has applied patents of 38 in total of three years  (invention 14), including authorized 29 (invention 6); published more than 30 papers; engineering and industrial projects over 10 and two international engineering contract.The cumulative economic benefits have been obtained more than 80 million yuan.

Special glass engineering technology research center is committed to the field of special glass new technologies and new products research and development, around five research and development direction, from the raw material preparation and control, total oxygen/electric melting and low nitrogen combustion models of melting and efficient clarification, furnace waste heat utilization and energy conservation and emissions reduction, ultra-thin ultra thick molding and coating, defect diagnosis prevention and control, function glass of new product development and application, process design and equipment promotion, regular operation to the production process and quality control and other special glass and sheet glass series research development and application of the whole process of production, trys every effort to make engineering center promote special glass industry development in our country and technology revolution of backbone, and positively utilize  the research and development achievements in the field of special glass and the scientific concept to promote our country's flat glass industry upgrade .

In order to create a national technology platform and the industry brand R & D institutions, Engineering Center currently is working to strengthen the software and hardware development and engineering centers  industrialization process.

What we can do

1.       Provides special glass, new product of flat glass development and pilot production of customized services;

2.       Provides special glass, flat glass production lines and deep processing production line design, domestic equipment facilities,      construction and trial production of subcontracting, the total package service;

3.       Provide the old line transformation, product upgrades, energy conservation, defect diagnosis and quality control technology to  enhance the level of special services;

4.       Provide oxy-fuel, waste heat power generation and low-temperature integration of desulfurization and denitrification, slim / super    white / thick / oversized glass, online CVD coatings, glass, high-strength glass, fire resistant glass, color glass quickly change color  and other characteristics of special technical services;

5.       Provides special glass, flat glass production and deep processing of technical consulting services;

6.       Provide testing services and identification of special glass, flat glass and raw performance.


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